Kabhilan Mohan, PhD

Kabhilan Mohan, PhD, Post-doctoral researcher
Kabhilan Mohan, PhD, Post-doctoral researcher
Kabhilan received his PhD from Iowa State University under the mentorship of Sinisa Grozdanic and trained with Randy Kardon during this period.

His main interest is in the development of novel diagnostics that enable early detection of aging diseases, specifically of the retina. He dreams of a day when a routine eye check, conducted from the comfort of one’s home using a smartphone, would provide detailed molecular health of the retina.

KB was born in Chennai, India, started out with a biotechnology degree from Anna University, India, and went on to a Masters in Biomedical Nanotechnology from University of Newcastle, UK.

He loves reading Tamil literature and all kinds of science fiction; the outdoors and astronomy; traveling and spending time with his family.